Chongqing International Circus Outdoor Double-Sided LED Screen

Friday, December 29, 2023 at 5:43:21 AM GMT+00:00

The world\'s leading technology makes a stunning debut Chongqing International Circus adds new highlights! Leading the future of outdoor advertising display, we are proud to introduce the world\'s leading P3.076 double-sided LED screen. This visual feast at the top of the media will bring you an unprecedented shocking experience. Excellent outdoor adaptability, wind and rain resistance, one step ahead This double-sided LED screen adopts an excellent outdoor design and can withstand wind and rain, ensuring stable operation under various harsh weather conditions. Allowing you to enjoy clear and vivid images anytime and anywhere. 360-degree all-round visual presentation, don’t miss every exciting moment The P3.076 double-sided LED screen, with its unique design, enables viewers to enjoy exciting content in all directions no matter where they are. Whether it\'s day or night, you can feel the gorgeous brilliance at any angle.