SoStron Have the Solution of 3D LED Screen

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With today's ideas and creation are getting more populat recent years.

3Dtechnology is used on the screen to let audience have a different experience.

But do you really know what is 3D?

We all see the 3D movie with a 3D function glasses, it feels amazing, awesome.:)

It takes us into the movie world deeply and just like face to face. It\'s real 3D visual display. Moreover, There is kind of naked-eyed 3D visual display is getting hot in LED screen industry. Because Samsung release a giant LED screen with naked-3D visual ads-the Wave.

More and more clients come to ask what is 3D LED video screen?

Today, i will take you to know a little about 3D visual technology applicaiton in LED screen industry.

SoStron is the leading company of both indoor & outdoor big LED video Screen in Shenzhen China.

To response the market client demands, SoStron team with more than 10years LED screen experience worldwide is ready to offer 3D LED screen solution who need 3D visual ads LED video wall.

Firstly, here is the real 3D visual with LED video screen smart turn-key solution for your reference;

1 x full color Giant LED screen

1 x PC with single video card

1 x real 3D Controller

A number of real 3D view glasses according to teh specific quantity needs

Original 3D video source

Diagram of Real 3D Visual LED Screen Smart Turnkey Solution

3D LED Screen

Secondly, for the autostereocopic (also call glasses-free or naked-eyed 3D), solution is below;

1 x full color big LED Video Screen

1 x PC with single video card

1 x Autostereoscopic 3D Controller

Autostereoscopic 3D Video Source.

3D LED Screen