SoStron CMS| One-Click Control Smart Display by Phone


With the development of led displays, companies are pursuing more convenient and effective ways to use LED Displays.


SoStron not only provide displays but also do the research on CMS(Content Management System), with related smart hardware like power box, media player, audience calculator, live camera to make LED screen smarter.


Recently, a showroom had been done that combined the displays with Domedea CMS,  visitors can remote control the LED Displays and LCD Displays in our showroom via Domedea platform wherever they are as long as there is internet.


Smart DisplayDomedea CMS App

Via Domedea platform, customers can turn on/off the screes, manage the content (which has already been kept on the Cloud platform via PC) , collect the data of the audiences numbers around displays, and check the power consumption, and so on.

Smart DisplayWelcome to visit SoStron showroom, more details will be shared with you.