LED shelf for store

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Among our LED screen products, some have special uses. For example, LED shelves are designed for luxury shops, cosmetics stores, and markets. P1.8 can provide customers with high-definition display, and the brightness is 800nits, can easily display all content with colorful effect. Available in a variety of sizes, 300x60mm, 600x60mm, 900x60mm, 1200x60mm, and two or more cabinets can be combined into a seamless display.

LED Shelf

LED Shelf

The cabinet of the LED shelf is our own design, light and silm, easy to install. Dia-casting cabinet meterial can provider stronger protection, waterproof, anti-dust and anti -collision.

And GOB technology make higher reliability and stability come into real, it has simpler process on material using and producing, so it has higher performance on heat dissipation to prolong life span.

LED Shelf

With our B60 media player and our DoMedea system, uploading new information to the screen via the Internet is convenient and efficient. Remotely control the LED shelf through the mobile phone, turn on and turn off the displays and change the content of them.Or, you can preset a schedule on the control system to make them work in a way that you set in advance.

Our systems and hardware have more useful features, such as

1. Send play log, environment data, control data, alert and error info to server,so you can check the working situation of the screen,

2. In case anything wrong with the screen, it will send mail/sms to the related contact to fix automatically,

3. Compatible with Nova, Linsn, ColorLight etc main brand on the market,

4. With peripheral equipments,it can detect how many visitors and the status of the crowd, and make the date diagram

SoStron led shelf with audience data

Above all, our LED shelves can save paper and labor costs, and can also attract more customers\' attention.

LED Shelf