How much is the 3D billboard?

3D screen

Hardware screen and matching

The bare eye 3D screen covers hundreds of square meters in size and thousands of square meters in size. The screen resolution, refresh rate, contrast, gray scale and other parameters directly affect the price of the screen module. The resolution of the display screen is 4K or even 8K. Featured by high refresh, high gray scale and high contrast, the details are incisively carried out, which can bring a visual impact to the audience.

Site rental and material cost

It is selected in the case of large traffic, high coverage, large audience and strong visual impact. Advertising rental companies also pay a lot of money, and the way they can install work also has a great impact. For example, the price of P8 outdoor LED display screen is generally 1990 yuan per square meter.


Multimedia server

Generally, this kind of large display screen has large video content, and the computer can not be moved. Therefore, professional multimedia equipment is required to ensure that the video content can be played normally.

Host and animation costs

Compared with the scenes of simple level products, the scene content has a strong impact on the big screen. The main characters have real actions, such as waves, runs, collisions, not just drift. There is a transition, not just a single use scenario. The commercial use is generally started at about 30000 yuan/second. I learned about the market quotation of 15000 yuan - 50000 yuan/second. The quotation will fluctuate depending on the degree of difficulty of production.

Production cost of video source content materials

Compared with the hardware part, the production of video content source is also a huge expense. If the content source has special effects, such as running, collision and other effects, the price will be more expensive, usually charged per second. A complete set of naked eye 3d video production will cost several hundred thousand yuan.

Electric box control

The display part and server part of the naked eye 3D large screen will need electricity and need to be managed by a professional electric box.

Frame accessories

The supporting LED display module shall be made of steel structure, wires and other materials.

Outdoor naked eye 3D video production can range from hundreds of thousands of yuan to millions of yuan or even higher. Each bare eye 3D landing will have its own customized design scheme, which will be built through various scripts, modeling application scenes, and later light rendering to materialize some abstract issues.