Do you know why the LED display rental industry is hot?

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LED display must be familiar to everyone. Nowadays, no matter in banks, hospitals, parks, airports and other places, LED display can be seen everywhere. For companies that often hold activities or performances, renting LED display screens is no stranger. These companies will choose some LED display leasing companies that often cooperate for business cooperation. Do you know how much LED billboards cost? Why is the LED display rental industry hot?

What is the LED rental screen?

LED rental screen, as a customized display screen made of die-casting aluminum box, is very light and thin, high temperature resistance, high stability, adaptable to various environments, and not easy to damage. It is also very simple to install and disassemble, which is convenient for transportation and handling. This is why many concerts and exhibitions tend to purchase this LED rental screen, because it is simple and convenient to install, convenient to transport, and not easy to damage, The transportation cost and maintenance cost of users are greatly reduced.


This is the leased screen from Jay Chou's concert. The stage performance needs the most LED display to show the program effect and attract the audience!

What are the advantages of LED rental screen?

Light weight

The rental box of LED display screen is generally made of die-casting aluminum or carbon fiber materials. The weight of a single box is between 3kg and 9kg, which is light and easy to install.

Flexible structure

The whole LED rental screen is fixed and connected by quick bolts for loading and unloading. The screen can be erected and disassembled accurately and quickly. The arc lock catch and other tools can be used to assemble different shapes to meet diversified display requirements.

Advanced technology, zero seam

As the LED display rental box adopts the production process of module forming and machining, the error can be controlled within one tenth of a millimeter, which can basically meet the requirements of zero seam.

Easy and fast installation

Compared with the traditional LED display screen box, the LED rental screen box is lighter in weight, higher in accuracy, and easier to disassemble. Technicians can splice a single box within a few minutes, greatly shortening the installation and disassembly time and saving labor costs. At the same time, LED rental screen products also have the functions of hoisting and quick installation to meet the requirements of quick installation, removal and handling in rental occasions.


LED rental screen

How about the LED display rental market?

The scale of LED rental screen market is huge, and the future development prospects are incalculable. For a long time, various video conferences, large-scale opening ceremonies, wedding ceremonies, signing ceremonies, opening ceremonies, star performances, product recommendations, hotel leasing and other activities have been the main markets of rental screens, with a huge scale. In terms of stage design, the global LED stage market has reached US $740 million this year, up 14% year on year. It is expected that the growth rate will slow down slightly in the next few years, but it will still maintain the growth trend. By 2020, the scale is expected to increase to US $1 billion. Introduce the 5 elements of LED display stage rental design in detail!

The cake of the rental market is so huge that the threshold for entry is not very high, and fierce competition will be a long-term trend. After more than ten years of development, LED rental display has become mature in technology, process, third-party supporting systems, etc. The rental market is developing towards product specification standardization, high-definition display and intelligent interaction.

The above is the analysis of LED screen leasing. There must be reasons behind the popularity of an industry. If we want to do a better job in our own industry, we need to expand our advantages to make it better than other similar industries.

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