New Development Trend of German Outdoor LED Display Market

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The global LED display output value is expected to rise 13.5% year on year to US $6.27 billion. In 2020, the global LED display market was affected by the epidemic, and the overall output value was only 5.53 billion US dollars, down 12.8% year on year, especially in Europe and the United States. In 2021, as the overall demand warms up and the price of upstream components rises due to shortage, LED display manufacturers will increase their product prices synchronously. This year, the LED display market output value is expected to rise.

Although the LED display screen market has been close to saturation in recent years, and the market demand has been continuously compressed, it is not difficult to see that the market demand is still on the rise, but the speed is obviously slowing down. It can be said that LED display manufacturers did not fall into the price war because of the slowing market demand, but because they did not find a suitable development direction. So, what is the new development direction of German outdoor LED display? How much is the LED billboard?



This is the German outdoor LED display screen of Xinda Plaza in Guangzhou, China, completed by Sostron. Its unique shape can not only attract people's attention, but also enable people from all directions to see the contents of the display! Do you like this screen? Here are more cases of led display installation.

According to relevant data, the global outdoor advertising revenue has shown an upward trend every year in the past nine years (2010-2018), with a compound growth rate of 4.1% and a market share of 31 billion dollars by 2018. As one of the display devices, LED display has become the favorite of outdoor advertising by virtue of large area seamless splicing, wide advertising coverage, high arrival rate, high brightness, long viewing distance, wide viewing angle, high definition and delicacy, and the ability to change advertising images anytime and anywhere.

Proportion of advertisers using LED display

In recent years, the continuous growth of outdoor advertising market has driven the growth of LED outdoor displays. Although the demand of outdoor advertising market has decreased significantly in recent years, it does not affect its advertising investment. To this end, LED display manufacturers continue to optimize and innovate on the basis of conventional LED display, and develop products with higher cost performance. Or it is equipped with human screen interaction system, naked eye 3D, AR/VR, face recognition and other technologies. For example, the 3D mechanical LED display screen advertised by Coca Cola in New York Times has attracted worldwide attention and become one of the new landmark products in the region. This shocking advertising effect allows outdoor advertising to have more new experiences, and can virtually stimulate the demand of the terminal consumer market.

If LED display manufacturers want to seize the outdoor advertising market and constantly seize market resources, they can start from the following five directions.

Innovative product

The reason why the market demand for conventional German LED outdoor displays is getting lower and lower is that the products are too single, which can only play dynamic videos, pictures and text, and the appearance is mostly rectangular. When the same product can be seen everywhere, it will inevitably make consumers have aesthetic fatigue. Therefore, LED display manufacturers can constantly innovate on the basis of conventional products, such as appearance, thinness, easy installation, diversification, customization and personalization, to meet the different needs of different users with innovative products.

Improve service level

With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED display industry, Huaxintong Optoelectronic LED display manufacturers can not only compare in terms of quality, brand, performance, price and innovation, but also distance themselves from other LED display manufacturers by improving their service levels. Now, with the gradual maturity of the terminal market, consumers are more inclined to the service level in addition to focusing on the cost performance of products. Therefore, by establishing a perfect service system, Huaxintong Optoelectronics can solve customers' worries, so as to continuously expand its brand influence and further seize market resources.


Outdoor LED Display

Improve intelligence

With the advent of the era of Internet of Everything, plus the arrival of China's intelligent manufacturing 2025, smart city, safe city and 5G era, LED displays will be eliminated from the market sooner or later if they do not follow the pace of the times. Therefore, it is urgent for LED display manufacturers to improve their intelligence. At present, LED display can realize global or even global networking, and can also interact with social media such as microblog and WeChat. In addition, new technologies such as naked eye 3D, AR/VR, human screen interaction, positioning and face recognition can also be carried to bring new shock to consumers. The intelligent development of networking, digitalization and information platform will bring more development space to LED display manufacturers. For example, LED interactive floor tile screens installed in outdoor glass plank roads, squares, shopping malls, parks, cultural centers, exhibition halls, hotels and restaurants are very popular with consumers.

Energy conservation and environmental protection

Since Beijing launched the action to protect the skyline in 2018, many unqualified LED advertising screens have been forcibly removed. In order to ensure that the interests of advertisers will not be damaged and promote the sales volume of LED screen enterprises, LED display manufacturers can develop LED energy-saving screens, reduce light pollution through automatic brightness adjustment and other methods, and further reduce power consumption to achieve energy-saving effects. Of course, advertisers can reduce the occurrence of disturbing events by controlling the installation location, broadcast time and brightness.

The reason why the German LED outdoor display screen was forced to be removed is also due to the high vacancy rate, black screen and color block, which seriously affect the city appearance. To this end, LED display manufacturers have developed LED transparent screens, with a transmittance of 50-90%. Even if the LED transparent screen does not work, you can still see the building objects behind the transparent screen, which is complementary to the city appearance. Moreover, the transparent screen itself is an energy-saving, thin and easy to install product, so it is more suitable for installation in modern glass buildings.

Display HD

With the technology of LED display manufacturers becoming more and more mature, the point spacing of indoor small pitch LED display can achieve 0. X mass production. The point spacing of outdoor small pitch LED display can achieve mass production of 3.0mm, while German P2.5 outdoor LED display has also been developed and put on the market. The development of outdoor small pitch LED display opens the era of high-definition outdoor LED display. In addition, the display effect of end users on the display screen is getting higher and higher. LED display manufacturers use 4k and 8k technology to open a new blue ocean market in the outdoor display market through outdoor small pitch LED displays.

It can be said that with the rapid development of urban culture in various regions, the innovative LED outdoor display has brought new vitality, but there are also some challenges. The technology of outdoor small pitch LED display is still in the hands of some LED display manufacturers, so the market price is obviously on the high side. Moreover, the standardization of outdoor display screen needs to be solved as soon as possible, and the problem of light pollution needs to be further reduced to ensure the quality of outdoor projects, as well as the innovation of appearance, function, diversification and customization.

In the fierce market competition, the key to success is whether LED display industry enterprises and investors can make timely and effective market decisions. The industry research report is to provide a basis for understanding the market and analyzing the environment. It is an important means for the LED display industry to understand the market and grasp the development direction, and an important tool to assist enterprises in decision-making.

In a word, with the LED display market becoming more and more saturated, major LED display manufacturers should seek new development opportunities. The new development direction of German outdoor LED display can be towards high-definition display, energy conservation and environmental protection, intelligent improvement, service level improvement and innovation, and constantly tap the blue ocean market of outdoor advertising. Of course, the outdoor market has both opportunities and challenges for LED screen enterprises. LED screen enterprises need to constantly adjust their operational policies according to different market demands, so as to constantly tap market resources.

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