SoStron's 3rd Debate Tournament Summary

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As a kind of language art, debate has a long history and its role is self-evident. In ancient times, Mozi once said, \"The debater will clarify the difference between right and wrong, examine the discipline of governance and chaos, clarify the similarities and differences, and examine the reason of name and reality. To deal with the advantages and disadvantages, to decide the suspicions." Through debates, people can better understand each other\'s positions and views, seek common ground while reserving differences, and achieve a higher level of psychological communication.


On Thursday, November 3, 2022, at 7:00 pm, SoStron held its third debate tournament, titled The more you know, the more you become like an orphan or a favored child. The debate was divided into the following parts.


Debate Competition


(I) opening speech (II) offensive debate (III) free debate (IV) concluding speech


On the field, the two sides debated with different emphasis on their respective topics, and they argued strongly and tit-for-tat, but they were calm and polite, giving us a fierce and exciting battle of words. In the free debate session, the judges and the debaters proposed to add 3 minutes to debate their respective positions.


The world is in the process of continuous development and change, and human knowledge of the world cannot be separated from the objective subjectivity of the world. Human\'s knowledge, i.e. what we know, should follow the trend of world changes and be constantly improved to achieve the same frequency, trend and direction as the world changes. In the information age, the more we know means the more likely we can grasp opportunities, gain recognition and become a favorite. On the contrary, the more we know, the more we don\'t know. In the process of people\'s continuous exploration of knowledge, their own knowledge reserves and personal abilities often fail to meet their inner expectations. Facing this gap between reality and ideal, the more people will spontaneously generate lonely and confused emotions, the more they are like the orphans of the world.


The debate competition showed our youthful style and discernment talent, and exercised our ability of strain and expression; meanwhile, it also enlivened the humanistic atmosphere of the company, strengthened the communication among colleagues, and cultivated the team consciousness and cooperation spirit of colleagues.


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