How to distinguish the LED display lamp beads?

LED beads are widely used in lighting, LED large screen display, traffic lights, computers, electronic toys and gifts, advertising, urban luster projects and many other production fields.

The lamp bead is the most important component of the transparent LED display screen, and also the key device with the largest number of uses, which directly affects the use effect of the LED transparent screen. Every square meter of transparent screen will use thousands to tens of thousands of lamp beads, which also account for the largest proportion in the overall cost of LED transparent screen, ranging from 40% to 70%. Do you know the six major issues for the safe installation of outdoor LED displays?


As we all know, LED display is packaged by thousands of lamp beads. For example, the resolution of P2.5 LED indoor display is 160000 dots/square meter, which means that there are 160000 lamp beads in a square meter P2.5 LED indoor display. It can be said that 70% of the price of LED display screen is determined by the price of LED beads. How to distinguish the quality of LED display beads? Why is the price of LED display lamp beads different, but the difference is large? The following is a brief analysis of Windows Intelligence.

For customers, they all want to buy high-quality LED transparent screens. The use of low-quality LED beads will not only affect the display effect of the transparent screen, but also greatly reduce its service life. It is even easy to have problems such as dead lights and large color differences. Therefore, the identification of lamp beads has also become a very important link.


How to distinguish the LED display lamp beads?

Look at the solder joint

The high-quality LED lamps produced by professional and formal Anhui LED display screens use the advanced smt chip technology, while the low-quality lamp strips are all produced by reflow soldering and solder paste technology.

The surface of LED light strip is smooth

The difference is whether to use the sem process to produce the light strip, mainly depends on whether the surface of the LED light strip is clean, and no obvious stains and impurities can be seen. However, if you look carefully at the low-quality LED light strip, you will find that the surface is very dirty and there is a special smell, which is very uncomfortable.

Testing LED Beads with Testing Equipment

It is hard to see if the LED beads are of high quality with your eyes. Therefore, it is recommended that you use testing equipment to test. You can put several manufacturers' LEDs on the aging instrument. After using the maximum current for 24 hours, which LED lamp bead will light up and decay less, indicating that it is a better LED bead.

Through the introduction of LED beads above, we know how to distinguish good beads and why good beads are more expensive. The knowledge of these beads is not only applicable to small pitch LED displays, but also applicable to all full-color LED displays.


LED screen


LED display


LED display


This is the indoor LED screen from the Chinese restaurant in Kuanzhai Alley, Capital Square, Singapore. Its display design is very consistent with the on-site environment, increasing the current atmosphere and setting off the environmental beauty.

LED display lamp beads have different prices, but there is a big gap

LED package

LED display lamp bead packaging is divided into resin packaging and silicone packaging, and the price of resin packaging is cheaper. Due to different materials, silica gel packaging has better heat dissipation performance, so the price is a little more expensive than resin packaging.

LED lamp bead chip

Generally, the commonly used LED lamp bead chips are divided into domestic, foreign and Taiwan chips. The high-end chips are American chips, followed by Japanese chips and German chips, followed by Taiwan chips. The heat dissipation performance will vary according to the chip grade, and the design scheme provided by LED display manufacturers to customers will generally provide different alternatives according to user needs. Traditional chips are commonly used, and customers can also choose other chips of different grades if they need them.

LED Bead Size

The price of LED beads of different specifications and sizes will also vary. For example, the prices of 0603 LED and 1210 LED, namely 3528 LED, differ greatly. The prices of 1210 and 5050 LED are also very different. Therefore, when purchasing LED lamp beads, LED display manufacturers should not only pay attention to the price, but also consider from multiple aspects.

LED welding effect

There are two ways to assemble LED lamp beads, namely manual welding and machine welding. Manual welding is to use soldering iron for welding. This method is not only slow in working efficiency, but also can cause inconsistent size of solder joints and unsightly appearance. In addition, the LED chip will be broken down due to poor static maintenance measures, and will be slightly bright or not bright when powered on. The machine welding is performed by reflow welding, and the size of the solder joints is consistent, there is no residual flux, the LED package is intact, the solder joints are smooth, and the work efficiency is high. In addition, the chip will not be burned by static electricity, and the LED position and direction are beautiful, with high vertical and horizontal accuracy.

LED brightness

The brightness of indoor LED display screen is 2-3 times lower than that of outdoor LED display screen, or even 5-10 times, which is one of the reasons why the price of outdoor LED display screen of the same model is higher than that of indoor LED display screen. In addition, the brightness of LED beads of the same model and product can be divided into ordinary brightness and bright brightness, and the prices of these two types of beads will also be different.

FPC material

FPC includes calendered copper and coated copper. The coated copper plate is cheaper and the calendered copper is more expensive. The bonding pad of the copper clad plate is easy to fall off when it is bent, while the rolled copper will not. If the requirements for the installation environment are not high, the copper clad plate can be selected. If the installation environment is poor, the calendered copper can be used. In addition, when purchasing raw materials, LED display manufacturers should pay attention to whether FPC has passed environmental protection certification, UL certification and other patents. The price of certificates is generally higher, and those without certificates are lower.

LED color

The price varies with the color of LD. Generally speaking, red and green are more expensive than other colors because color matching and light splitting are difficult. Red, yellow and blue are easy to separate light and color, so the consistency is good and the price is cheaper. Purple and brown are the most expensive due to color matching.

LED color consistency

In general, LED beads will have better color consistency only after light splitting and color separation. However, many small packaging plants do not have light separation and color separation machines, so they either do not have light separation and color separation or send out, which is difficult to guarantee the quality. However, the color consistency of the lamp beads without light and color separation is very poor. The effect is not so good after being installed on the LED lamp beads, and the price difference is also large.

The above is a brief introduction about how to distinguish the LED display lamp beads. The prices of LED display lamp beads vary greatly. LED display screen is packaged by thousands of lamp beads, so the price of lamp beads is different, which will directly affect the price of LED display screen. In addition, the quality and performance of lamp beads vary with different brand prices.