6 examples of 3D billboards. How much will 3D billboards cost in 2023?

Recently, more and more brands foresee the unexpected brand effect of 3D outdoor advertising LED display as a novel method.

How does a 3D billboard work?

3D outdoor advertising is mainly developed by using the principle of light refraction; We usually see the same object in the left eye and the right eye, but no one can see the same object from the same angle with both eyes. These two images can be combined by the brain to distinguish the front, back, near and far of the object, thus generating stereoscopic vision.

3 advantages of 3D billboard

1. Create space atmosphere: 3D outdoor advertising and building collocation can realize space reality on the wall and overturn people's inherent space concept, which depends on the combination of physical structure and image of the building. Projection on impassable buildings and create amazing images with fitted images, which makes people have visual errors in the process of appreciation. The image seems to be separated from the building itself and suspended in the air, bringing people's vision.

2. Full of science and technology: combine light with projection, integrate sound, electricity and other high-tech means into the work, and project various lights onto a huge sphere through multiple groups of lights to create a dazzling sphere full of science and technology.

3. Eye catching: 3D outdoor advertisements can be used for landmark buildings such as large city squares to better display the unique cultural style of the city, which is both beautiful and adds to the charm of the city. 3D outdoor advertisements can be set up in tourist attractions, amusement parks and other places to attract tourists and increase product exposure.

Where is the 3D billboard? 6 examples of 3D billboards


3D billboards

SM Company Building


3D billboards China

China's giant panda baby in Chengdu


3D billboard Japan

Japanese creative advertisement for the festival atmosphere, zombies flash on the street


3D billboard

Nike's anniversary advertisement combines Japanese style and mechanical feeling


3D billboard in Times Square


3D billboard Korea

Produced by South Korea's 4D creative company d'strict, all items become "soft"


Here are more 3D billboard cases!

How much is the 3D billboard?

The price of indoor naked eye 3D LED display is mainly quoted according to the display model, which determines the display definition. The smaller the distance between lamp beads, the higher the definition, and the more expensive the price.

The price of indoor P2.5 LED display is 920 dollars per square meter.

The price of indoor P2LED display is US $1100 per square meter.

The price of indoor P1.8 LED display is 1700 dollars per square meter.

The common models of outdoor naked eye 3d led display screen body include P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, etc. It also needs to have the effect of naked eye 3D, and the price of the ordinary outdoor screen is more expensive.

The price of outdoor P3 LED display is $2000 per square meter.


The price of outdoor P4 $1700 per square meter.

The price of outdoor P5 LED display is 1200 dollars per square meter.

The price of outdoor P6 LED display is 1000 dollars per square meter.

The price of outdoor P8 LED display is 800 dollars per square meter.

As there are many factors affecting the LED display, the above LED display prices are for reference. For specific prices, please call the LED display manufacturer - Sostron.

In today's digital era, all major brands hope to show more diversified visual forms of advertising by means of science and technology, and also creatively reflect the uniqueness of brand connotation, so as to achieve the effect of less brand publicity and deep memory of the audience.

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