Judging the quality of LED transparent screen from these six points

Monday, August 15, 2022 at 2:13:35 AM GMT+00:00

Some people say that the quality of the box can be roughly judged by the appearance. Is it true?

Of course not so simple!



The following six points of information summarized by Sostron are used to judge the quality of the LED transparent screen.

Brightness comparison

Put the acrylic plate close to the same number of modules, and then slowly raise it for a short distance, and watch whether the brightness of the lamp beads can meet your requirements. Of course, it will be more direct to put the module directly in the word. The higher the brightness, the higher the requirements on the lamp beads, and the cost is relatively high. In the pure indoor environment, it is OK to use a low brightness LED screen. However, if it is a window led transparent screen or an LED glass curtain wall screen, it is required to use a high brightness LED transparent screen. Click here to analyze the advantages of LED transparent screen by professional consultants?

Whether the light is uniform

While watching the brightness, pay attention to whether the light of the lamp beads is uniform. When observing the white light, you must pay attention to whether there is color difference (this is very important) - if you cover it with a thin white paper, you may not be able to observe it, so you should use a certain thickness of acrylic. Color difference is the most important part to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen, and it is also one of the main reasons for the price difference of LED transparent screen.

Wire identification

High quality wires have passed UL certification. These manufacturers who pass the LED transparent screen are unreliable. Therefore, the most direct way is to remove the outer cover and count the number of cores inside! The modules with 15, 17, 19 cores or even 20, 30 multi-core wires should be no worse than the modules with 14 and 11 cores, and vice versa.

Bulb temperature

After lighting for a period of time, touch the LED lamp beads with your hand. The stability of the LED lamp beads with high temperature or even hot hands is certainly not as good as that with low temperature.


LED transparent screen

Solder joint quality

If the solder joint is full, it proves that the welding process is good, and if the brightness is high, it proves that the solder is used well; The serious problem is faulty welding, which is prone to poor contact, and subsequent maintenance will be very troublesome.

Led transparent screen pasting lamp mode

At present, there are two methods to make LED transparent screen, one is positive light, the other is side light. Although the side light transmittance is relatively high, the positive light emitting lamp beads are traditional LED display lamp beads. After market inspection, the quality is very stable.